To my fellow laborers,

Please accept this as a letter of recommendation for my friend and fellow laborer, Evangelist Dennis Lewis. I have known Bro. Lewis for many years and have found him to be a very sincere and effective individual in his role and calling in the ministry. Through the years we have enjoyed great success in revival, as he labored here in our city. He has always conducted himself in a very Godly and professional manner when we have been privileged to have him with us.

I highly recommend him and I can assure you that he will be a blessing to you and your congregation. You may reach me at (765)610-1914, if you have any further questions.

In His service

Bishop Danny T. St. Clair

The Pentecostals of Anderson

630 W. 53rd Street


 “Men who seek and speak the mind of God are immeasurable to the work of the Kingdom and the Body of Christ. Evangelist Dennis Lewis is such a man. His ministry to our church was timely and anointed.


His delivery and pulpit presentation was powerful, dynamic, and well-seasoned. The blessings of the Lord rest upon his ministry. A true revivalist indeed…your church will be blessed!”


Pastor Robert Wimberley

Humble, Texas



Profitable – probably no better word to describe the benefit of an evangelist. It was the same description Paul used when referring to Onesimus in the book of Philemon when he described him as being profitable to “thee and me.” 


Dennis Lewis, a national evangelist, has proven to be profitable to me and will no doubt be profitable to any Pastor who chooses to take advantage of his ministry.


With any revival or special service, there will always be a cost. That cost is not only offset, but money well spent, when the evangelist’s ministry is proven to be profitable. Dennis Lewis’ ministry has proven to be profitable not only to me, but to all the saints of Namesake Apostolic Church.

Pastor Stephen Reed



I first met Bro. Lewis in the early 1990’s.  I had heard from many about his ministry and how he not only preached with great authority but would flow in the moving of the Holy Ghost as he ministered individually to people’s needs.  I can say that everything I had heard was confirmed and more!  Bro. Lewis preaches the Word with passion and tremendous authority, and flows so seamlessly in the Spirit of God as he ministers to individual needs as the Lord leads and directs him.

During the 90’s, my wife and & I were youth/assistant pastors at a church where Bro. Lewis frequently ministered.  This church was a praying church and held apostolic influence in a large radius around its location. 

In one particular revival, I recall at least 20-25 folks coming from a Christian church about 45 miles away, and being baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost.  Many of those became leadership and the core of the apostolic church in which we labored.

Following that mighty move of God, Bro. Lewis came again and this time the results were similar, 20-25 people coming from a southern Baptist church, being baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Ghost.  And again, many of those became faithful leadership and the core of that church where we labored.  In November of 2015, I preached a pastors and leadership conference in the Philippines for one of those converts, who was a missionary to the Philippines, who came out of that southern Baptist church.

My wife & I started our church, (Family Worship Center, Vandalia IL), ten years ago.  We have had Bro. Lewis here multiple times to minister, I can walk you through the congregation here today and introduce you to new families who were born into the kingdom through Bro. Lewis’ ministry.  I whole heartily recommend Bro. Lewis to minister to you and to the congregation that you pastor.

Pastor Tracy Zimmerman

Family Worship Center

Vandalia, IL