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Miracle Moment

Lately I have been thinking about Heaven and what it will be like. We preach and we hear it preached on how to survive stay adjusted to this life. We are emotional creatures we gravitate to our familiar surroundings. In America, people sometimes long for the wrong things---and what they really want (although we don't know it) and what we really need will remain elusive. Some think they need another car, a vacation home, the newest items in technology. We think the latest fashions in shopping centers will satisfy our longings and they want. The longing that God has placed in our hearts is for Heaven, a better place, a better country. It is where we will meet believing ancestors and converse and excitedly have fellowship with them. We will enjoy connecting with our people, who do things in a familiar way, who speak a familiar language. Believers do not cease to exist at death. Many have a misunderstanding of the meaning of death. Death is not cessation of existence; death is a separation of the body from the soul and spirit (James 2:26). But the person---complete with all thoughts,memory, and personality continues. There is no interruption in the believer's continued existence. Upon death the person's soul and spirit are immediately presence of God in Heaven (2 Cor.5:6,8). Where is home it is where you feel familiar it is where you feel comfortable I long for my fatherland.

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