Miracle Moment

I think the key to learning is don’t become over-confident, especially after many successes, and never attempt a difficult endeavour in isolation. Always remember the basic leadership principles of ideals, ethics and responsibility to others. Napoleon began his career with strong ideals meant to restore equality to the people. He crafted the French Civil Code, which is a basis for all civil codes today, and was responsible for much of the architecture you see today in Paris. Yet at Waterloo, he seemed to operate in a self-centered manner, driven by ego and self-belief above leading his team. (Reflections From Napoleon's Career). From time to time the Lord will remind me from where He picked me up, and the disability He healed me from. It puts everything into perspective when you start being self-centered thinking it's all about you. The Lord will not let any man get His Glory. The process is to keep us small within ourselves and the Lord Magnified!!! 

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